Knowledge tokens, gained when the GM spends fear, are the players’ currency to spend. Knowledge tokens represent the benefits of experience in dealing with the dangers inherent in magic use.

The GM should also award a knowledge token any time the group achieves a substantial story goal or manages to bring one of their seven questions into play in an entertaining manner that advances the story.

Knowledge is spent in one of several ways. Whenever Knowledge is used, the tokens spent leave play.

Getting a Break

A player may spend a token from the knowledge coffer to reduce his current fixation by one, or to remove a check mark from his twilight track. He may do this whenever he is not actively embroiled in a conflict. It might be a short moment, where he gains a second wind, or some actual, lengthy down-time. The GM has the right to say whether or not it’s an appropriate time for the protagonist to get a break, but should show some mercy whenever possible.

Restoring Gift

A protagonist who has lost gift because of a permanent curse may render that curse a little less permanent by spending knowledge. A permanent curse die may be removed and replaced by gift. This can usually only be done if the protagonist has managed to achieve at least a few hours of calm reflection.

Each time this is done, the cost in knowledge tokens is equal to five minus the protagonist’s current gift level.

Improving Success

On any roll, any player may spend one or more tokens of knowledge before the results are narrated. Doing so adds a 1 to the main protagonist’s gift pool, increasing his number of successes by one.

Mastering the Curse

Though it is impossible to completely master the curse of magic, a dedicated wizard can learn to forestall its effects. This is represented by exposing another box on the protagonist’s twilight track.

The cost in knowledge tokens is equal to six minus the current number of coloured boxes on the protagonist’s twilight track.

Learning a Formula

During any conflict where a player has narrated a specific manifestation of her protagonist’s magic, that player may spend a token of knowledge to add that specific effect as a formula.

Learning a formula should be a significant event and shouldn’t happen more than once per protagonist per session.