Fixation Dice

Fixation Dice

Once per roll, the player may voluntarily choose to increase his protagonist’s fixation by one, adding a fixation die to her pool. A player may never intentionally increase her protagonist’s fixation beyond six, since that would result in immediate discovery.

Adding fixation increases the number of overall dice in her total pool, and thus improves her chances of winning conflicts. However, this means that fixation may dominate the outcome. Once increased, fixation does not go back down on its own, so the die stays added to the pool.

When fixation dominates, regardless of success or failure, the protagonist is reminded that otherworldly forces are constantly seeking users of magical power, and that discovery by them usually results in death.

This has the game effect of increasing the protagonist’s fixation by one, even if the player has already voluntarily increased it for this roll.


Whenever a protagonist’s fixation score increases beyond 6, he is discovered. Discovery means he is in imminent danger of being consumed by otherworldly creatures who have pinpointed his location and can now cross over.

When a protagonist is discovered, all his Twilight boxes clear out, and all his fixation dice clear away (his score reduces to zero).

However, since his presence has been pinpointed by demons, his only real chance of surviving is in the hands of those who watch over him as he sleeps and recovers.

GMs interested in allowing this to happen, but minimizing the amount of downtime for the affected player, can resolve this period as a single scene, with only a handful of die rolls for the protagonist’s fellow wizards as they resolve the conflict and keep the recovering protagonist alive.