Lure of Power is an alternate take (a hack) on the amazing Don’t Rest Your Head RPG by Fred Hicks and Evil Hat.

While the rules are strongly tied to DRYH (you’ll need a copy of those rules to play) the tone is strongly inspired by Ars Magica and the content is derived from a fictional world I’m developing as the setting for a series of novels.

The core premise of the game is that the characters (protagonists) are powerful wielders of magical energy – generally referred to as wizards. They ‘work’ for a vastly powerful organization called The Order that sends them on a variety of missions intended to protect regular people from demons and demonic influence.

While magic gives the protagonists incredible power, it is also incredibly addictive and it attracts the attention of extraplanar entities who resent mortals that dare to manipulate magical energy. That resentment often results in dismembering and/or consumption if the offending wizard doesn’t have enough friends around to help him out.

This balance of addiction and fear is at the heart of the Lure for Power experience.

I hope you enjoy it!